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A Vain Endeavour : Greek Rule in Asia Minor, 1919-1922

Against the backdrop of intense military operations, complicated diplomatic negotiations, fraught domestic politics and the inexorable rise of Turkish nationalism, Dr Victoria Solomonidis-Hunter FKC (UCL) will assess the pioneering work of the Greek Administration of Asia Minor which attempted to govern equitably over a widely disparate population.

This, largely unknown and unsung aspect of the Greek Asia Minor Expedition, was the painstaking and pioneering work of a dedicated team under the unjustly maligned High Commissioner Aristidis Stergiadis, a reluctant yet dedicated public servant who worked relentlessly in pursuit of peaceful coexistence, with the odds overwhelmingly against him.

Organised by The Hellenic Centre

Smyrna Remembered (1922-2022)

100 years since the Smyrna Catastrophe

A series of events at the Hellenic Centre September to December 2022

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