Celebrating The Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary

Friday 29 Nov 2019

Rosemarie (2017), 4pm

Adonis Florides
An uninspired soap opera writer finds himself spying on his neighbours and transforming their everyday tragic encounters into a lighthearted soap opera. As his obsession with his neighbours grows and he delves deeper into their life he comes face to face with his own demons. Rosemarie has received the Best Film Award in the “Global Images” International Competition Section at the Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival 2017 and won the Best Film Award from the Greek Film Critics Association at the 58th Thessaloniki Film Festival 2017. Trailer

As part of an exciting short-video project promoting the work of Greek-Cypriot contemporary artists, RUNONART, directed by visual artist Efi Spyrou, presents Anastasia Mina who gives us an insight into her practice, explaining her process of working, the role of print and drawing in her work and how she wishes to suggest new ways of understanding and interpreting visual stimuli. Dimitrios Ikonomou, shares with us his attempt to view everyday objects and situations with the clearest eye possible and frame said objects in such a way that their inner beauty is revealed. Marianna Constanti explains how artwork turns to memory through a growing process, brakes into pieces, elaboration and Christos Michaelides comments on man’s perception of landscape over time, and the dialectical, conflicting, and therefore political relationship between them. Duration (10 mins)

Screening supported by the Cultural Section, Cyprus High Commission

‘Τhe Artist’ Concert with Iro, 6.45pm

A walk with Iro across borders and along the world’s musical paths, singing in many languages but speaking only one: the timeless, infinite, sensitive, strong and profound language of Music. With our eyes shut but with our hearts open to sounds and feelings we will join “The Artist” in transforming and liberating ourselves through music and we will celebrate Life and Art.

Tickets £15, concessions £12, HC Members Free but must book tickets in advance:  Eventbrite or ☎ 020 7487 5060

1968 (2018), 9.30pm

Tassos Boulmetis
April 4th, 1968. The Kallimarmaro Stadium is abuzz, with thousands of people gathered and millions listening through their radios. The AEK – Slavia Prague basketball game has just begun. A girl in love is dreaming of her wedding day, while the future husband becomes more desperate with every Greek ball going through the hoop. An elderly husband and wife remember the home they left behind. A young communist prisoner cheers from his jail cell and a PROPO betting shop becomes the place where old and new wounds resurface. Years before this night, three Constantinopolitans decided to create an athletic union that will tell their story. At the end of this night, Greek history will have changed forever. Trailer

Celebrating The Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary Day 2


The Hellenic Centre


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“The Artist” concert £15 for Non Members, £12 Concessions, HC Members free

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4pm Film screening: Rosemarie
6.45pm ‘Τhe Artist’ Concert with Iro
9.30pm Film screening: 1968

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