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Μιχάλης Σουγιούλ: Το Τράμ το Τελευταίο/ Michalis Sougioul : The Last Tram

This year’s HC Easter Celebration features members of the London based group Plastikes Karekles performing their own arrangements of a selection of Sougioul’s most popular songs.

Born in Asia Minor, Michalis Sougioul was multi-skilled in all aspects of Greek music and composed more than 700 songs in all genres, tango, waltz, serenades, folk, patriotic and popular.

The sensitive, melodic nature of his music made his songs big hits and they remain, almost a century after they were written, favourites in both Greek households and performance venues everywhere.

Let’s join Marina Deligianni (vocals), Maria Tsirodimitri (vocals, guitar), Anna Cooper (piano/accordion), Pavlos Carvalho (cello, bouzouki) and Kostas Kopanaris (percussion) in a beautifully sentimental feel-good journey, sing along all time favourites and celebrate with wine and red eggs.