27 Sep 2019 Friday

Aspects and Visions of Greece in European Travellers’ Imagery from the Renaissance onwards

A panel discussion organised by the Board of Directors of the Panayotis & Effie Michelis Foundation about its newly published book ‘Greece in European Travellers’ Imagery (15th – 19th centuries): Identities, alterities, metamorphoses’ by Dr Aphrodite Kouria.

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The Hellenic Centre
04 Oct 2019 Friday

Myths and psychotherapy

‘Psychological Therapy as a heroic journey into the labyrinth. The myth of Theseus and Ariadne’

The aim of the lecture is to explore the mythological imprint of the psychological processes that we all are in touch with and how mythological themes can be supplementary to the clinical practise of psychotherapy.

£5 entry

The Hellenic Centre
10 Oct 2019 Thursday

Conference: Results of research on the Greek Diaspora

Dr Othon Anastasakis and his team from St Anthony’s College, Oxford will have a conference on the results of their research on the Greek Diaspora.

The Hellenic Centre
18 Oct 2019 Friday

Alexander the Great Coinage

A panel discussion “Alexander the Great coinage: A bridge between different cultures and different periods. Presentation of global culture heritage in a transnational environment”

Organised by the Macedonian Society

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The Hellenic Centre
21 Oct 2019 Monday

Wallpaintings of Cyprus During the Reign of the Lusignans

Presentation by Dr Sophocles Sophocleous – Professor of Art History and Archaeology, President of the Centre of Natural and Cultural Heritage on the Wallpaintings of Cyprus During the Reign of the Lusignans (1192 – 1489) using examples from the UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage churches.

The most eminent historic monuments in Cyprus are the painted churches of Troodos mountain range classified in UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage. The aim of the lecture is to present some of these churches and their murals spanning from the 11th to the 19th century, with references to the icon painting, to the portraits of the donors and their commemorative inscriptions.

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The Hellenic Centre
05 Nov 2019 Tuesday
Discussion lecture

Human Rights in relation to the Property Issue in Cyprus – Latest Developments

Human Rights have dominated the Property Issue in Cyprus. The latest developments in Cyprus and the European Court of Human Rights will be presented.

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The Hellenic Centre