Exhibit in the Friends Room

As we are reviewing our programme, this scheme is paused for now

The Hellenic Centre offers its Members the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Friends Room. Greek and Greek Cypriot artists who live and work in the UK and who are not affiliated to a Gallery will be considered. This is also extended to foreign artists whose work is inspired by a Hellenic theme.

How it works

The Exhibitions Committee will evaluate applications and will decide upon the appropriate space for selected artists. There will be no charge, but artists will be expected to transport their work to and from the Centre. The artists will be responsible for the installation of their work and for its dismantling; advice can be offered by the Hellenic Centre staff regarding the hanging of the artwork. The Centre can assume no responsibility whatsoever for works while on the premises and artists must make their own insurance arrangements if desired. Any artist selling work as a result of an exhibition at the Centre will be expected to make a donation to the Centre. Please note, the Hellenic Centre is not a gallery and does not guarantee any sales.

If an artist would like to organise a reception for the Private View of their exhibition, they must liaise with the Centre. Please note that the Friends Room is often hired out for private functions, in which case the room will not be open to Members or the public. The Hellenic Centre reserves the right to change the booking dates with prior notice to the artist.

Stamos J. Fafalios
Exhibitions Coordinator

How to apply

Applications should include:

  • photographs of a representative sample of the proposed works to be exhibited
  • details of each work
  • a brief statement

Applications can be submitted by post or by email:

  • by post: to the Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, Marylebone, London W1U 5AS please also include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of material
  • by email: to info@helleniccentre.org

Hire of the Great Hall for exhibitions

The Great Hall of the Hellenic Centre can also be hired for private exhibitions. For further information, please send your full enquiry by email to bookings@helleniccentre.org.

Terms & Conditions of Friends Room exhibitions

The following conditions apply to any exhibition held in the Friends Room of the Hellenic

  1. The Friends Room is available to MEMBERS of the Hellenic Centre only, who live and
    work in the UK, and are not affiliated to a gallery.
  2. The exhibitor will be responsible for any framing, setting up and taking down of
    artwork. The Hellenic Centre staff can offer advice regarding the hanging of the work. As
    the room already has a hanging system with suspended hooks, the Centre has a
    strict policy of not drilling the walls and not using blue-tack or double-sided tape to
    hold pictures in place.
  3. The Friends Room is given free of charge to the exhibitor for two days – one for
    setting up and another for a private view/reception that the exhibitor might wish to
    have. The exhibitor can leave his artwork on the walls for about three or four weeks.
    However, no access is guaranteed as the Friends Room is quite often used for
    private events in which case it is NOT open to the public. The exhibitor should ask
    his/her guests to ring the Centre first to check on opening times.
  4. The exhibitor takes full responsibility for the insurance of the artwork in the Friends
    Room during the period agreed. This can be done either independently, or the
    Centre can insure the artwork on behalf of the exhibitor. The Hellenic Centre does
    not take any responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of work while on the
  5. Transportation of work to and from the Centre must be arranged by the exhibitor.
  6. If the exhibitor wishes to have publicity material, this must be seen and agreed
    beforehand by the Exhibition Committee. Expenses involved in printing, postage etc
    have to be covered by the exhibitor. The details of the exhibition will be included in the
    Diary of Events of the Hellenic Centre which goes out to all members three times per
    year (January, April, September) as well as on this website; photographs, in
    digital format if possible, and a short statement should be provided.
  7. If the exhibitor wishes to arrange catering for the Private View of their exhibition,
    they must liaise with the Centre. Private View timings are from 6.30pm to 8.30pm on
    the day that has been mutually agreed with the Centre. At the end of the Private
    View any rubbish must be removed, unless catering has been booked via the
    Hellenic Centre.
  8. The Hellenic Centre does not encourage the depiction of nudity in the artworks.
  9. The Hellenic Centre reserves the right to change the booking date with prior notice
    to the artist.
  10. Any artist selling work as a result of an exhibition at the Centre will be expected to
    make a donation to the Centre (usually 25% of the sales). PLEASE NOTE THAT THE

Friends Room exhibitions

+44 (0)20 7487 5060


Friends & Members Room floorplans

To help with exhibition planning, PDF, CAD, and 3D drawings of the Friends and Members Rooms are available. Download a zip of all the files below, or find individual files on Google Drive.

download all floorplans / drawings