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Our events are open to anyone interested in Greek and Cypriot culture. Most events are free and conducted in English.

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From05 Sep 2019 Thursday
To 29 Sep 2019 Sunday
exhibitions Friends Room

Agapanthus – αγάπη, άνθος

An exhibition of paintings by Anastasia Krokidi leading us to a discussion with nature and our inner self.

Free entry

Call for opening hours

The Hellenic Centre
20 Sep 2019 Friday
book launch social

Memories of the English School

“Memories of the English School. An Alumni Reunion” Speakers: Professor Kypros Nicolaides and Mr Harry Sophoclides

Book Presentation of “The English School, Nicosia Cyprus: A historical account 1900 to 1960” by Kyriacos Demetriades

The English School in Nicosia has played, since its foundation in 1900, an important role in the education of young Cypriots and the enduring cultural bonds between Cyprus and the UK. In the event, eminent alumni will reminisce about their days at the School and how it helped them fulfil their aspirations.

Free entry, booking essential

The Hellenic Centre
27 Sep 2019 Friday

Aspects and Visions of Greece in European Travellers’ Imagery from the Renaissance onwards

A panel discussion organised by the Board of Directors of the Panayotis & Effie Michelis Foundation about its newly published book ‘Greece in European Travellers’ Imagery (15th – 19th centuries): Identities, alterities, metamorphoses’ by Dr Aphrodite Kouria.

Free entry, RSVP essential

The Hellenic Centre
28 Sep 2019 Saturday

Play ‘Americana’

A play in English set in northern Greece in 1948, focusing on two peasant women: ‘Americana’ and her elder daughter, ‘Katerina’

Booking essential; £15, Members: £12

The Hellenic Centre
29 Sep 2019 Sunday

PAUSE – Cyprus Cinema Series

Screening of the film “Pause” by Cypriot director Tonia Mishiali, as part of the programme Cyprus Cinema Series, organised by the Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Section.

Free entry but registration essential, register here

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The Hellenic Centre
01 Oct 2019 Tuesday

Welcome Back Coffee Morning

On the occasion of Lykion’s 40th anniversary, Dr Dimitra Tzanidaki-Kreps will give a lecture in Greek entitled “Ο Χαίντερλιν και οι Έλληνες”.

Organised by Lykion to Hellinidon London

The Hellenic Centre
From02 Oct 2019 Wednesday
To 30 Oct 2019 Wednesday
exhibitions Friends Room

Nepal -through my lenses-

An exhibition of photographs by Kostis Paraskevas depicting the people, the religions and the landscape of Nepal.

Meet the Artist: Thursday 17 October, 6pm-8pm.

Free entry

Call for opening hours

The Hellenic Centre
04 Oct 2019 Friday

Myths and psychotherapy

‘Psychological Therapy as a heroic journey into the labyrinth. The myth of Theseus and Ariadne’

The aim of the lecture is to explore the mythological imprint of the psychological processes that we all are in touch with and how mythological themes can be supplementary to the clinical practise of psychotherapy.

£5 entry

The Hellenic Centre
08 Oct 2019 Tuesday

Stratis Myrivilis Presentation

A presentation on the anniversary of 50 years after the death of the Great Greek writer Stratis Myrivilis presented by his granddaughter Mrs Christina Angelopoulou, Dr Maria Prevelakis, film director Eirini Vachlioti and others.

Free entry; RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
09 Oct 2019 Wednesday
Discussion lecture

Constantinople & the Constantinopolitans through the centuries

The event will consist of two presentations by prominent academics followed by a panel discussion.

Organised by the Association of Constantinopolitan Greeks in the UK (ACGUK)

Free entry, RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
10 Oct 2019 Thursday

Contemporary Greek Diaspora in the UK and Beyond

The team of the Greek Diaspora Project introduces for the first time in London its rich output on the nature and significance of Greek Diasporas in the context of the recent Greek crisis and beyond.

Free entry; booking essential

The Hellenic Centre
13 Oct 2019 Sunday
dance music performances

A Festive Journey around Greece – Ταξιδεύοντας στα πανηγύρια της Ελλάδας

An exuberant celebration of Greek Folk Dancing marking  the 40th anniversary of the Lykion Ton Hellinidon London, the 25th anniversary of the Hellenic Centre and the indomitable Greek spirit.

Organised by: Lykion Ton Hellinidon and the Hellenic Centre

£25,  Booking on Eventbrite


No allocated seating

The Hellenic Centre
From13 Oct 2019 Sunday
To 14 Oct 2019 Monday
performances play

Lucrezia the Sinner Lucrezia the Saint

Written by the prominent Greek writer Penny Fylaktaki who has been awarded the National Award for Theatre Plays. The production opened with great success in Oxford,  at the Richard Burton-Elizabeth Taylor Studio of Oxford Playhouse a few months ago and it will be presented in London this October.

£16, Concessions £12

The Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street London, NW8 8EH
15 Oct 2019 Tuesday
Discussion Presentation

Dimitrios Skyllas: The first Greek composer of the BBC Symphony Orchestra in history: from Epidaurus to the Barbican

Dimitrios Skyllas will be joined by Paul Hughes, director of the BBC Orchestra, to discuss about the composer’s diverse influences from religion to cinema, and to screen videos of his music from the tragedy ‘Electra’ at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. The concert is at the Barbican 29 January 2020. Moderated by Dimitrios Kraniotis, Co-founder of Ark4Art.

Free entry, RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
17 Oct 2019 Thursday

Screening: “Life Will Smile”

“Life Will Smile” is a 40-minute feature documentary based on the incredible true story of an entire Jewish community surviving WWII, thanks to the brave actions of the people of Zakynthos.

Film followed with Q&A with director Drey Kleanthous and producer Steven Priovolos.

Free entry, booking essential

The Hellenic Centre
18 Oct 2019 Friday

Alexander the Great Coinage

A panel discussion “Alexander the Great coinage: A bridge between different cultures and different periods. Presentation of global culture heritage in a transnational environment”

Organised by the Macedonian Society

Free entry, RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
21 Oct 2019 Monday

Wall Paintings of Cyprus During the Reign of the Lusignans

The most eminent historic monuments in Cyprus are the painted churches of Troodos mountain range classified in UNESCO World’s Cultural Heritage. The aim of the lecture is to present some of these churches and their murals spanning from the 11th to the 19th century, with references to the icon painting, to the portraits of the donors and their commemorative inscriptions.

Presentation by Dr Sophocles Sophocleous – Professor of Art History and Archaeology, President of the Centre of Natural and Cultural Heritage.

Free Entry, RSVP 020 7563 9835 or Eventbrite

The Hellenic Centre
26 Oct 2019 Saturday

In the Light of Music

A piano recital by Dr Nicolas Costantinou featuring masterpieces by some of the leading composers of the past, as well as the contemporary Cypriot composer, Constantinos Stylianou.

Organised by the Cyprus High Commission – Cultural Section

Further information & bookings: info@culturalchc.co.uk


The Hellenic Centre
27 Oct 2019 Sunday

Echoes of the past: Turkish, Venetian, and Greek

A pop-up exhibition showing how five centuries of Venetian presence in the Eastern Mediterranean and Greek-Turkish cohabitation in present-day Turkey and Cyprus have left their mark on language and popular culture.

Organised by University of Oxford Phonetics Laboratory

Free entry

The Hellenic Centre
28 Oct 2019 Monday
Discussion Presentation

Nearchos Clerides Presentation

Presentation in Greek on Nearchos Clerides a prominent figure in the education, literature and education of Cyprus during the beginning of the 20th Century.

Organised by the Nearchos Clerides Cultural Foundation, Cyprus

Free entry – RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
01 Nov 2019 Friday

Kantades Evening

Proceeds donated to a charitable cause.

Organised by the Ionian Society

Entrance by ticket

Jacobs, 20 Gloucester Road, SW7 4RB
05 Nov 2019 Tuesday
Discussion lecture

Human Rights in relation to the Property Issue in Cyprus – Latest Developments

Human Rights have dominated the Property Issue in Cyprus. The latest developments in Cyprus and the European Court of Human Rights will be presented.

Free Entry; RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
From06 Nov 2019 Wednesday
To 30 Nov 2019 Saturday
exhibitions Friends Room

Perpetual Nature – Αέναη Φύση

A seascape paintings exhibition by Eva Apostolatou, winner of the Athens Academy 2016 Best Artist Award for Artists by under 40.


Meet the Artist: Wednesday 6 November, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Free Entry

The Hellenic Centre
07 Nov 2019 Thursday

With the Songs as our Compass and Tradition as the Captain. A Voyage in the Seas of Greek Folk Music

Experience the sounds of Greek folk music in this presentation and live performance of traditional songs from Greece. Join us on a journey to the beauties of the Greek countryside and of Asia Minor.  In Greek and English

Organised by the Omilos Eksipiretiton

Free entry, booking essential

The Hellenic Centre
From08 Nov 2019 Friday
To 10 Nov 2019 Sunday

Sustainable Luxury Christmas Market

A percentage from ticket sales will go to the Environmental Law Foundation.

Organised by Ecoluxe London and Ionian Society

Entrance by ticket

The Ritz, 150 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9BR
14 Nov 2019 Thursday
book launch

“Fortune Favors the Bold”

“Fortune Favors the Bold — A Woman’s Odyssey through a Turbulent Century.” A book presentation relating to true events and real people. A fascinating family saga that takes you from Constantinople to North-Western Greece through love and war.

Free entry, RSVP

The Hellenic Centre
16 Nov 2019 Saturday

The Oinoussian Ball 2019

A fundraising event with music by DJ Avgoustinos.

Organised by the Oinoussai Benovelent Fund.

Tickets £175, under 30s £110

Royal Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London W2 2TY, Royal Lancaster Hotel Lancaster Terrace London W2 2TY
17 Nov 2019 Sunday
children family

Christmas Sparkle, Music Fun, Stars with Glitter and Baking with Love!

This year’s Christmas event is pure magic! Join us for an afternoon filled with seasonal music and a musical workshop, trays of delicious treats and lots of glittery ornaments made for the whole family!

Organised by The Hellenic Hub and the Hellenic Centre

£15 per person; £54 for a family of four

The Hellenic Centre
19 Nov 2019 Tuesday

Ancient Andros: A History of Fourteen Centuries

An illustrated lecture by Professor Emerita Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa.

Organised by the Greek Archaeological Committee UK.

Free entry, booking essential: admin@gacuk.org

King's College London, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS
22 Nov 2019 Friday
Discussion literary music performances

Byron, Greece, and European musical conversations

European influences on Greek music of the late 19th and early 20th century and Byron’s affiliation with Greece during the Revolution, revealed through selected violin and piano works and Byron’s poetry.

Organised by the Hellenic Centre and Supported by Dr S. Retsas in memory of the late Dr Diana G Rees (Retsas)

Booking Essential

£10, £8 Concessions

HC Members Free

The Hellenic Centre
29 Nov 2019 Friday
performances screening

Celebrating The Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary

A two-day event of music and film screenings.

Day 1: Rosemarie an award winning film will be screened in the afternoon followed by ‘Τhe Artist’ Concert with Iro and ending with screening of the film 1968 (2018) directed by Tassos Boulmetis.

Free entry for Film screenings

“The Artist” concert £15 for Non Members, £12 Concessions, HC Members free

Booking essential

The Hellenic Centre
30 Nov 2019 Saturday
performances screening

Celebrating The Hellenic Centre’s 25th Anniversary – Day 2

Day 2: Afternoon film screenings of Notias and 1968 directed by Tassos Boulmetis. Followed by an evening of music and dancing with Katerina Polemi and her band.

Free entry for film screenings

Katerina Polemi & her Band – Concert HC Members free but RSVP necessary, Tickets £15 for Non Members, £12 Concessions,

Booking essential

The Hellenic Centre
08 Dec 2019 Sunday

Orthodox 16th-19th Century Icons

Exhibition and talk by Maria Andipa

Organised by the Ionian Society

Free entry, booking essential

Andipa Gallery, 162 Walton Street, SW3 2JL
14 Dec 2019 Saturday

Christmas Bazaar

Traditional Greek sweet, diaries,  2020 good luck charms and more.

Organised by Lykion to Hellinidon London

The Hellenic Centre
14 Dec 2019 Saturday
other social

Christmas Ball 2019

A festive dinner with live music by Argyris and his band, DJ Avgoustinos and harpist Holly Lowe.

Organised by the Macedonian Society of Great Britain

£90, £75 Members of the Macedonian Society of Great Britain

Royal Garden Hotel, High Street Kensington, London, W8 4PT