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Apple, Cinamon & Sugar

The show is based on an English folk story about a Grandmother who wants to make an apple pie for her children but she doesn’t have any apples. She discovers that at her home she has only ruby, juicy cherries and no apples at all. What can she do? She decides to find someone who would like to exchange her yummy cherries for some apples. Very soon she realizes that this is not an easy task.

She begins a journey where she meets different characters who have different needs. She walks very far away from home, but eventually, she does find the apples she needs and she proves to everyone that if we want something that much we can find ways to succeed.

With humour and songs, the show talks about the determination to our goals but most important how valuable it is to help the others.

The show is interactive and progresses with the help of our young audience (parents are of course welcome to join us on stage). The story is structured in a simple understandable way, for our youngest members in the audience but has meanings that older children will understand and enjoy.
Duration of the show is 50-55 minutes with no interval.

The shows will be followed by 2 workshops with Easter theme.

The workshops will be the following:
a) Making «Lampada» the traditional candle we lit on Saturday of Easter
b) Paint eggs
c) Making a bunny rabbit
d) Make apple hats (inspired by the show)
The celebration will, of course, have traditional songs and lots of dancing.